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Our Story

VHG HR & Payroll Consulting (Pty) Ltd is a 100% Black owned Company.

VHG is committed to excellent service through simplified, and efficient processes in an environment where competence and integrity are not negotiable


To become a Service Provider of Choice through offering organised, simplified, affordable and up to date Human Resource solutions.


To streamline Human Resource processes through simplified, organized, and real time administration process so Businesses can put their focus on winning their strategic goals without breaking their banks.

Our Partners

We are an approved PeoplePlus Franchise. Owners of an HR and Payroll Software franchise that is powerful, configurable, simple to deploy, easy to manage and remarkably cost-effective for any business.

We chose PeoplePlus because we share the same values when it comes to simplicity, affordability, efficiency & relevance of HR data and processes.

Our PeoplePlus Partnership benefits:

  • Big business with proven HR and Payroll Software
  • Have access to greater network opportunities
  • We are part of a well-respected and growing brand

How Our Clients Benefit From Our Services

  • Relieve Managers from HR / Payroll administrative burden
  • No upfront software fee, no annual license fee, only pay for active employees & no long term contracts
  • Access to Expert advice, legislative compliance and best HR / Payroll Practices
  • Flexible and user friendly system
  • Benefit from latest technologies and HR information system upgrades
  • HR & Payroll Consultants available to assist when needed
  • Data backup & security of data

Software Functionality and Features

Disciplinary Code

The PeoplePlus system is populated with a comprehensive disciplinary code which includes explanatory notes on each offense and when best to use a type of offense.

Progressive Discipline

PeoplePlus categorizes offences into minor, serious, very serious and dismissible as well as guidelines as to what constitutes an offense under each category.

Process Driven – PeoplePlus

Guides you through the process thereby ensuring you comply with the procedural aspects of disciplinary management

Auto Generated Forms

Once information is entered the PeoplePlus system will automatically generate the required forms such as verbal/written warnings, notification to attend an enquiry, disciplinary enquiry findings and appeal findings.

Disciplinary Warning Time Frames

PeoplePlus auto detects when a warning period has expired and places these expired warnings in the archived section.

How To Conduct an Enquiry Guide

PeoplePlus also provides a detailed step for step guide in how to manage the disciplinary process.


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We advise global leaders on their most critical issues and opportunities.

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+72 71 896 0303

Employee Relations

Assist in reviewing disciplinary code & Incapacity policies, Chair, Investigate, Initiate Disciplinary actions

Recruitment Strategy

Assist in ensuring that the right people are attracted into the business

Performance Management

Assist with performance objective settings in line with Organisational goals

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